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Medi Pedi treatments in Torquay and Ivybridge

Want to pamper your tired, sore feet? Come to Abbey Road Podiatry for our specialised foot care treatment.

Make your feet look soft, supple and healthy

From cracked heels and built-up calluses to hard skin and dull looking toenails, a variety of foot and nail problems can surface if you don't take good care of your feet. At Abbey Road Podiatry, our medical pedicure treatment is designed to treat all these problems. We use specialised products that will treat the dry skin on your feet and soften it quickly. Key features of this treatment include:

  • Feet and toenail inspection to identify problem areas
  • Cut and shape nails
  • Clean cuticles
  • Painlessly remove corns and calluses
  • Soften heels and skin
  • The use of quality foot products
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Take care of your feet

Are you suffering from foot pain? Visit us now. Neglected foot problems can aggravate and lead to complications in the future. Prevent this with help from our specialists.
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Treating specific foot problems

In addition to offering the Medi Pedi treatment, we also treat a wide range of specific foot problems with our podiatry treatments. We also provide Clearanail treatments and nail surgery. Call us to find out more.
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Keep your feet healthy with a medical pedicure from Abbey Road Podiatry, Torquay and Ivybridge.
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